• Company Goal

    Comprehensive relying on technology to seek development, and constantly provide users with High-tech products, is our constant pursuit.

  • Company Quality

    Our company has been built at the beginning of the trading company into a comprehensive technical entities, with impressive sales performance and enjoy the full price and technical support.

  • Company History

    Kuongshun Electronic company is a collection of scientific research, design, production, maintenance and sales of High-tech enterprises.

About Us

Kuongshun Electronic Company is a collection of scientific research, design, production, maintenance and sales of high-tech enterprises.
We are committed to best 3D printer, Raspberry PI,Arduino uno, intelligent modules and various kinds electronic components.In the field of automation with professional standards and mature technology, we rapid rise in the field of foreign trade.

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  • Modern robotics

    The modern mobotics modules can be connected to a computer or Android device.

  • Intelligent modules

    Intelligent modules are designed to help you meet a wide range of application requirements.

  • Electronic components

    We offer semiconductors, passives, electromechanical, power supplies, measurement equipment.

  • Open Source Hardware

    Kuongshun is an authorized distributor for many open source hardware manufacturers.

From the News

  • 16/12
    Arduino Wows Crowd At Maker Faire Rome 2018
    The open-source hardware company unveiled hard-to-ignore products and innovations at this year's European edition of Maker Faire.
  • 27/11
    Researchers Create Algorithm For Shifting The...
    In an article entitled “Tuning the Center of Gravity of 3D Printed Artifacts,” a pair of researchers discusses how they came up with an algorithmic aided design (AAD) method to shift the center of gravity of a 3D printed object to the desired position.
  • 27/11
    Students Learn Digital Manufacturing Through ...
    In a paper entitled “Application of Additive Manufacturing in Design & Manufacturing Engineering Education,” a pair of researchers from University College Dublin detail how they implemented a program on digital manufacturing and materials processing using 3D printing in an undergraduate engineering course.



    The most used and documented board of the whole Arduino family.

  • Raspberry PI Raspberry PI

    The world's smallest desktop with all the basic functions of the computer.

  • 3D Printer 3D Printer

    Unique design with metal case,touchscreen operating system,high quality and prec

  • UNO Board & Shield UNO Board & Shield

    Modular circuit boards that piggyback onto your Arduino to instill it with extra

  • UNO Sensor UNO Sensor

    With the correct software and hardware,Aruidno can interface with almost any kin

  • Robot Smart Car Robot Smart Car

    A flexible vehicular kit particularly designed for education,competition and ent